Confidence and esteem

«Mutual trust is the greatest gift we can bestow upon each other. And trust is TRISA’s true asset! It forms the basis for joint success. There is nothing that gives us greater strength than mutual trust and esteem. Good performance at TRISA deserves praise and recognition. Honest praise and true appreciation are heartfelt. Confidence and esteem is what the TRISA spirit is all about.»

Adrian Pfenniger, CEO

Our principles

  • We respect each other’s individuality and pay attention to each other.
  • We act in confidence with fairness and the spirit of partnership in mind.
  • We are honest and value each other.
  • We are interested in our work colleagues as persons and in what they do.
  • Praise, appreciation and constructive criticism are our instruments that provide trust.
  • We practice a culture of open discussion and of trust in our everyday life.