Xylitol - why is it useful for the strength of the teeth?

Xylitol - why is it useful for the strength of the teeth?

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What is xylitol?

Xylitol is a type of polyatomic sugar alcohol, with a five-carbon structure, which is a natural product and is extracted from plants. Between 5-15 grams of xylitol is also released by our body during the exchange of glucose as an intermediate product.

In addition to being used as a sweetener, which is why it is found in the composition of a number of medicines and other products, xylitol helps in the prevention of tooth decay. It is no coincidence that it is also used in gels to soothe the gums during teething in babies. Mannitol and sorbitol are other polyhydric alcohol-carbohydrates that are used in sugar-free products. However, xylitol has the most effective action against carious processes in the oral cavity. It is believed that when using it, the risk of caries decreases by 80%. In terms of caries prevention, xylitol suppresses the growth of bacteria found in the oral cavity.

Where to look for xylitol?

In fact, it has already become one of the main ingredients used in chewing gum and some candies to freshen the breath. It is possible that the manufacturer prefers to put another sweetener in the gum, so whether a particular brand contains it can be determined by reading the contents of the label. Xylitol is actually found in many fruits and vegetables - in their fiber, corn, as well as in mushrooms and hardwoods, but its amount is negligible. It can be found as an extract product in organic stores.

Oral care products with xylitol!

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