TRISA – competent Swiss manufacturer

TRISA’s range of hairbrushes comprises attractive, high quality products. TRISA satisfies all customer requirements and offers a well-balanced assortment in terms of design, handiness and functionality. As a competent Swiss manufacturer TRISA, with its tradition stretching back more than 130 years, occupies a leading position in the Swiss hairbrush market. Even in the export markets TRISA is successful. The development of real innovations, the use of the latest technologies and an efficient manufacturing process are the reasons for our success.

Hairbrushes for every need

All our «Haute Coiffure», «De Luxe» and «Swiss Wood» hairbrushes are made from FSC® certified wood. In addition to the traditional wooden models TRISA offers a «Detangle Line», a professional range approved by hairdressers and trendy hairbrushes, which are oriented towards the current fashion trends. Even TRISA’s tried and tested standard models are very popular with our customers.