Health and Safety

TRISA safety mission statement

The safety, health and welfare of the employees as well as the safety of customers, suppliers, visitors and other persons, who are present in our enterprise is our core concern.

  • We undertake to comply with legislation and make a conscientious effort to implement the constraints and conditions for the health and safety of all concerned at TRISA.
  • With safe infrastructure, systems, machines and appliances we create confidence amongst the employees, customers and partners. We treat safety consistently and appropriately, as economically viable, and legally and ethically correct. By acting in the long-term we create economic, social and ecological added value.
  • By undertaking a regular assessment of the health and safety issues risks are identified, assessed and averted using suitable measures. With proportionality in mind, prevention enjoys high priority.
  • We draw awareness and instruct our employees about accidents and occupational hazards in the workplace and during leisure time.