Interdental products

Plaque can be removed effectively with a toothbrush. But the spaces between the teeth, which encourage the formation of plaque, cannot be cleaned completely with a toothbrush, especially so if the alignment of the teeth leaves very narrow gaps. For this reason TRISA offers a state-of-the-art interdental range of products based on the latest scientific findings and needs.

Multi-flexible interdental brushes

35-45 per cent of the surface of the tooth is attributed to interdental spaces. A flexible interdental brush ensures the best possible accessibility to the individual spaces between the teeth. Multi-flexible, and obtainable in six different brush diameters, TRISA’s interdental brushes take account of this fact.

Dental floss

In addition to the interdental brushes, dental floss also enables the interdental zones to be cleaned thoroughly. As an addition to the toothbrushes, TRISA offers a complete range of dental flosses. A gently gliding, waxed and a lightly swelling dental floss, a dental tape and handy dental floss dispensers for use when out and about. All these products have a pleasant mint flavour.

Tongue cleaner

Bad breath is often attributed to a coating of bacteria on the tongue. Following oral and dental hygiene this film should be removed daily using a TRISA tongue cleaner. Well-cleaned teeth and a tongue free of plaque ensure that bad breath does not have a chance.